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Posted by: | Posted on: June 26, 2016

Steve’s Memories, “Rock n Roll”


Steve Jackson has been in the music business since the 70’s. I want to share today one of his stories.

It is about meeting Kris Kristopherson.

Steve writes:

I used a bit of poetic license in the story
to try and enhance what I felt about him.

I’ve never heard anything bad about him.

In LA in the 70’s
i was in his dressing room
with some people
and some guy came up to him
telling him about a woman
in Nashville who was in straits
and Chris said,
“Well I bought her a washing machine..”
or something like that.
Another time I saw him leave
a 100 bill as a tip for a bartender.

Leigh worked with him once
and said he was a “No nonsense, straight shooter.”

He had a big country hit in the 70’s
“Why Me?”, a religious song that
crossed over into pop and was in the top 10
best selling pop songs for that year.
(“Why me Lord, what have I ever done
to deserve even one
of the favors you gave?”)

His second album cover is a double exposure
of him with him standing there
and the double exposure silhouette kind of whitish like a soul.

He was almost shy and curious in his attitude to me
and his wife Rita Coolige was the same way.
They both seemed to sense I was in pain
and wanted to fix it.

One guy, a song writer in LA, all agitated
and obviously a bit deranged
came up to him and told him how hard it
was to get a break and find someone to buy.

Kris patiently listened to the guy
and finally after a few minutes said
in a kind of patient drawl-
“Well you can contact Howard such and such(can’t remember the name)
in Nashville, I don’t know if he still does,
but he used to listen.”

Steve’s book, “An Affair in the Valley” is on

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